Kitchen backsplash

Illusions™ Line Subway Tile

White with gray grout cut to fit any size or shape.

Kitchen backsplash

Illusions™ Line Subway Tile

Illusions Series of acrylic kitchen backsplash available in 12 different tile and grout combinations.

Carrara Marble Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash

When it comes to using it for kitchen backsplash, acrylic is a beautiful, durable, incredibly easy to maintain option for any kitchen. There's also no grouting involved, which makes it straightforward to install and keeps it looking like new. It's lightweight, so it's incredibly easy to work with for homeowners and DIYers.

Acrylic is fairly affordable when compared to other materials commonly used in kitchen backsplash. It's easy to fit it into your budget and make a major impact with very little investment. It's a great option for upgrading a kitchen to add value to a home quickly before showing it off or listing.

You can order Bellastone backsplash in an array of colors and patterns, to accentuate your kitchen in classic white, subtle marble, or more brazen tiles that make stunning, modern kitchen walls.


  • High end look of tile without the headaches
  • Machine grooved grout lines
  • Unique & customizeable options


  • Stronger and longer-lasting (guaranteed)
  • No grime or bacteria in the grout
  • No breaking or similar issues with tile


  • Easier to ship and stock
  • Easily cut and fit to any or situation
  • Installed 2-3 hours by one technician

High Value

  • Easier / faster installs reduces cost
  • Virtually eliminates leaking & water damage
  • Less expensive than tile

Backsplash Patterns

Illusions Series - 12x6 Tile Pattern 12x6 Subway
Illusions Series - 12x24 Vertical Tile Pattern 12x24 Vertical
Illusions Series - Hexagon Tile Pattern Hexagon
Illusions Series - Herringbone Tile Pattern Herringbone
Illusions Series - Subway Tile Pattern 3x6 Subway
Illusions Series - Trendz Tile Pattern Trendz

Grout Colors

Illusions Series - 12x6 Tile Pattern Black
Illusions Series - 12x24 Vertical Tile Pattern Silver

Interested In Acrylic Kitchen backsplash?

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